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Houston, Texas


Innovation Happen


There are few bad businesses, but many bad strategies. John Jacobs brings you years of experience and education to help you gain clarity into your mission while developing your team to accept change and foster growth. We offer creative solutions that have helped companies develop and execute successful strategies that deliver exceptional value within their business offerings. We work collaboratively with you, so you can:


  • Achieve consistent, long-term growth - Define a mission statement that produces sustainable value; enabling you to reach the full potential of your core business, expand into similar markets, and successfully identify emerging opportunities.  

  • Make key decisions - Determine where to play and how to win by developing a vision that enables a specific business unit to realize and optimize its capabilities.

  • Develop innovative strategies that deliver - With clarity of purpose for your core strategy, and a unique approach that combines short-term, high-impact initiatives along with a clear vision, your company will exceed beyond expectations to drive strong returns and capture market-share.

  • Leverage the power of proven tools and techniques -  Enable execution of your strategy with technology that reinvents the robustness and responsiveness of your company.


Our approach enables you to merge your focused strategy and the talents of creative team members to spur the innovations that fuel your success.  Many clients understand what value they provide, less truly understand how they deliver that value, but most struggle to communicate why they must serve that value.  We assess the motivations driving your organization to put them at the center of all that you do which enables you to deliver and satisfy the benefits and motivations you desire.

We view growth in the context of Build-Measure-modify


Strategies must be tracked to determine efficiency and help identify opportunities.

Sustained profitable growth requires consistent innovation, differentiation, and leadership

Issues and stagnation forces modifications of the organization's core strategy.

Consulting Services


Define the mission, vision, and the values that will drive your organizational success.


Develop branded digital assets that represent your business, from logos to  websites we can do it all.


Organize business plans  that support the execution and achievement of your mission.


Execute your strategy with the assistance of our highly trained team.