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Houston, Texas

Innovation Attracts Leadership


The scarcest resource in business today is people. The best performers make smarter decisions, make them quicker and effectively execute. Your HR, IT, finance, legal, and other functions should do far more than just support your business—they should propel it. We can help improve organizational performance from top to bottom, by working with you to:


  • Redesign and digitize - enabling the processes of your operations to improve speed, quality and cost with technology.  Whether working to transform the employee experience, improve business outcomes through analytics, or deploy new forms of automation, John Jacobs can help get more value from your digital investments while streamlining key processes.  We complement your digital strategy by working with the systems, models, and cost that are essential to your organizational success.

  • Identify and develop the right talent - ensuring your team is equipped to serve the needs of your customers and grow your business. We help you define your talent needs and develop a strategy for meeting them. Among the many benefits: find, hire, and retain the right people faster than your competitors.

  • Determine what works, how and by whom - Team up with the best partners, to gain capabilities that you don't have in-house, or to strengthen capabilities you do have, to improve your competitive advantage. Traditional approaches to sourcing are changing: More activities than ever can now be sourced, innovative partnership arrangements have emerged, and digital is rapidly transforming service delivery. John Jacobs will help you make sense of all these changes and strike the relationships that will stand the test of time.

  • Achieve and sustain the changes you’ve made - Our unique approach to change management helps you win the hearts and minds of everyone in the organization, creating a shared sense of purpose and ownership. We also work with you to build the internal capabilities you need to ensure the gains you’ve made don’t erode over time.


Relationships are at the core of every business and we understand how to connect the right people with the right mission.  We are a firm believer that how you treat your employees reflects how they will take care of your customer. Building a culture that supports your mission creates a sense of purpose for your team and will apply a multiplier effect to your success.    

Hierarchy of Relationships - begins with trust 

Consulting Services


Redesign your HR processes to be completely digital and practically automated, from onboarding to payroll.


Find the right fit for your talent needs, we will source the perfect candidates to grow your organization. 


Conduct 360 reviews that provide critical feedback for the entire organization.


Equip your team with training and education that helps deliver the results you desire.